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Sauce on Sunday: An Ancestral Journey to Find My Sicilian Roots

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While sitting at a restaurant with two of my fellow authors, one asked me about my Sicilian background. I laughed and said, “All I know is, we always have sauce on Sunday.” My friends joined in the laughter, but the writer side of my brain started churning. Something awoke inside of me and I had the desire to find out exactly from where I came from. I began the quest for my roots. Within a few months, I had the surprise of my life. I discovered that my grandfather had a second sister, who he left behind in Sicily. Who would ever have thought that the grandchildren of three siblings, separated during their youth, would find each other after a lifetime of being apart? 

Sauce on Sunday is a chronicle of my four trips to Sicily, along with pictures and history of the small fishing village, Sciacca, where my grandfather grew up.

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