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J. J. Cozad - Faro King of the West

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The gambler, John Jackson Cozad, was a dreamer, a visionary, a land developer, and above all else, a paradox. He raked in fortunes at the faro tables across the West—yet he aspired to develop a vice-less community devoid of saloons, gambling halls, and bawdy houses.

He was a major winner at the faro tables in all the elaborate saloons and gambling halls, so much so, that he was soon banned from playing when his identity was revealed. He made all of the gambling hunts in North America, as well as South America. To avoid detection, he changed his name frequently—a trait that he used throughout his life. It was by changing his name, as well as his wife and sons, that he avoided being hung for killing a man in Nebraska.

This book is a historically accurate account of J J Jackson's life, detailing his latter life in Atlantic City, New Jersey where he operated an arcade on the Atlantic Boardwalk. His two sons (using aliases) went on to become respected citizens—one a Philadelphia physician and the other the renown and highly acclaimed artist, Robert Henri.

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