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Blunt Force - A Collection of Poetry: Wordcatcher Modern Poetry

112 pages20 minutes


Forceful and pacy, Blunt Force gathers speed and attacks large, complex issues, growing in anger and momentum as it progresses. In his new work, Gary takes aim at capitalist greed, corporate ruthlessness, and the decay of the American dream. His anger at the morality and hypocrisy of war simmers under the surface of his poetry, the broken system it perpetuates, and the abandonment of the American people by their leaders. Clear and punchy, it is not without a more thoughtful look at the struggles of Nature against Man, a war of another kind. Blunt Force is one man's protest and makes for a compelling read.

Gary Beck is a prolific author and has also written Blossoms of Decay and Expectations with Wordcatcher Publishing. Gary lives in New York.

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