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Bimbo Hot Wife Exhibitionist Menage: A Homely Wife's Bimbofication and Interracial Theater Play

40 pages33 minutes


Abigail’s second excursion to the adult cinema promises to be even more red-hot than the first. Determined to take her hot wife adventure to the next level, she once again ventures into the steamy interior of Aphrodite’s theater, renowned for its outrageous bimbo hotwife scene. Once inside, dressed in an incredibly revealing outfit and filled with confidence following her first visit, Abigail initiates the hot, sexy bi action with a pair of young, black guys and pops her hot wife cherry whilst watching the incredibly erotic hotwife movie up on the screen. 
Her enabling husband, Troy waits for Abigail in the foyer of the cinema, so tantalizingly close, where he imagines just what his sexy, bimbo hot wife is doing inside…
Explicit: 7,000 unbelievably racy words of hot wife, bimbofication, interracial, exhibitionist MFM, ménage action.

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