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The Lightning Field

308 pages4 hours


Thriller… Love Story… Sparks will fly. 

Recently paroled, heroic but rootless, Neal Carver is traveling the western states on a vintage motorcycle, a legacy from another drifter -- his father. After winning a poker game the bike is stolen by a murderous couple, and in attempting to regain it, Neal narrowly escapes with his life, only to be struck by lightning while crossing the badlands. He recovers and resumes his quest, but is now unexpectedly burdened with an autistic boy who has a strange and magical connection to electricity. With the malign couple in  pursuit, Neal's path with the boy brings them to the ranch of a solitary young woman obsessed with completing a monumental piece of land art, work that is both keeping her alive and killing her.  

Set against the vast, elemental landscape of New Mexico and the thunderstorms of late summer, these three will encounter an array of compelling Southwestern characters and when they unite for survival, will come to understand through the boy's perceptions how the unseen current that runs through the world has wired their lives together. 

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