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Princess Petrina and the Witch's Curse

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Join Princess Petrina, Norbert the horse and Frogarty the witch in a brand new comic adventure, packed with crazy twists and turns!

On the morning of her Coming of Age Ceremony, Princess Petrina awakens in high spirits; it will, she believes, be a day of great celebration for the people of Dragon’s Claw Castle. It is only when she catches a glimpse of her reflection in the mirror that things take a sinister turn; she has, for reasons unknown, sprouted a hideous, black, bushy moustache on her upper lip during the course of the night!
When all attempts to remove it fail, it quickly becomes apparent that this is no ordinary moustache, but a thing of evil, possessed of dark, magical powers, with a will of its own. But why had it chosen her? Why had she, of all people, been singled out by this furry abomination?
Convinced that a certain witch by the name of Frogarty holds the key to the mystery, the princess sets out on a desperate mission to find her. It is, however, a race against time; unless she can track her down and get the curse lifted before the next full moon, Petrina will be stuck with her enormous, bristling moustache for all eternity!

A ‘hairy’ fairy tale for kids aged 8 and up!

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