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Chasing Christmas: A Holiday Fantasy Novella

76 pages1 hour


Destria is a Spirit Keeper, and a damn good one (most of the time). It's a full time job with all those spirits requiring constant care and attention. But one day a momentary distraction allows the Spirit of Christmas to slip from her care and run amok in the human world, wasting all its joy and cheer at the wrong time of the year.

It's Destria's responsibility to find the spirit and bring it home before it wastes away completely. But there's a problem--her entire life has been spent in the Spirit Kingdom and she knows absolutely nothing about the human world.

In steps Dasher, the cocky reindeer shifter whose very livelihood depends on bringing the Christmas Spirit home; he blames Destria for this catastrophe and could think of nothing worse than serving as her guide (and ride) as she attempts to track down the spirt, but he has no choice: without Christmas he and his family will have no purpose.

Chasing Christmas is a fun, romantic, slightly cheesy (and what Christmas story isn't?) urban fantasy adventure.

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