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Black Dog: A Biography

42 pages27 minutes


The Black Dog's been eating his girlfriends for years. Now Pete's met someone the dog won't devour.

There are three things Pete believes to be true about his life: he loves reading; nothing interesting is ever going to happen to him, and the Black Dog who lives behind the fence will eat everyone he loves. It's been happening since his childhood, and he's mostly gotten used to it…right up until he meets Victoria.

The dog seems reluctant to eat her, no matter how much Pete seems to like her. Then Victoria points out she can see the Black Dog too, and everything Pete took as a given about his life starts to change…including his relationship with the Black Dog itself.

First published in the Interfictions II anthology of interstitial writing, Black Dog: A Biography is a genre-bending tale that blends emotional truth with outrageous fantasy. How much is fiction? How much is fact? There's only one way to find out for sure…

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