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Where Zombies Walk (Book One of Kendra's Journey)

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Life comes hard and fast for Kendra and her family in a dystopian world that is struggling to recover from a nuclear war and is now under the rule of an alien government.
Unaware of the impending alien invasion, a group of scientists -which included Kendra's parents- were ordered to create a zombie virus and set it loose on Russia. The intention was to subdue Russia and then release the cure, but the alien attack took them unawares and the scientists and their cure disappeared, leaving the virus to run rampant. Having been inoculated against the virus, Kendra's aunt is one of these scientists who has kept her identity a secret for fear of being made a slave to the alien government. When a village that is connected to the people who moved underground for survival kidnaps Kendra in hopes that they can harvest any memories of her parents discussing the cure while she was a mere infant with the use of an experimental machine, her aunt must decide about coming forth with her identity. In the meantime, along with dealing with the ever-rising population of zombies, the alien regime -which considers humans a delicacy for their dinner table – sets out to correct and purify the human race from those who were mutated in some way by the nuclear explosions. Rex is one of those humans. He is also Kendra’s lover.

“Where Zombies Walk” is Book One of Kendra’s Journey in a world that offers steamy romance, nail biting peril, and thrills, and a paradise-like sanctuary within its core. All she has to do is make her way there.

What a few readers are saying....

"This book was so great. Lots of action that kept the book moving along and kept me wondering what would happen. I devoured this amazing book in one sitting, I just couldn't put it down! Great read!!!"

"So many things, good, bad, and otherwise happen in this story. Already I cannot wait for book 2 in this series. There were things that made me angry, happy, and wanting to get vengeance. This story is definitely bordering on the verge of erotic in some senses in my opinion and was a fun read."

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