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The Mono Box presents Playstart:: Short plays from new voices

123 pages55 minutes


Five new short plays developed and supported by The Mono Box.

The Interview by Graeme Brookes: An absurd comedy with a biting political edge that will make you laugh, wince, cringe and scream.

Papa by Sid Sagar: Exploring the troubled relationship between a father and a daughter, Papa questions notions of parenting, failure and masculinity, and asks whether we can ever truly overcome our past mistakes.

NSA by Charles Entsie: A play about the conflict between doing what it takes to survive in the present, when also trying to secure something for your future.

La Merde by Roberta Livingston: Chrissy, a black student who is obsessed with make-up, aspires to be as successful as her idol Allegra Aldridge, a YouTube beauty sensation. But as she delves into the growing beast that is the YouTube world she soon discovers the cracks that are hidden within it.

Godfrey by Aisling Towl: Godfrey is set in an 'up and coming'/ gentrified South London restaurant, honing in on the kind of seemingly mundane conversations that expose the parts of ourselves we try desperately to hide.

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