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The Folly Beach Mystery Collection Volume I

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For the first time, three novels in the award-winning Folly Beach Mystery series by best-selling author Bill Noel are presented in one box set. Enjoy: BONEYARD BEACH Chris Landrum's peaceful retirement on Folly Beach, South Carolina, is thrown into disarray when he learns that one of his friends is arrested for murdering a college student, and in the same week another close friend is the prime suspect in the murder of a man who had been blackmailing him. Chris and his cadre of quirky friends have to do what the police have been unable to do to bring the killers to justice. SILENT NIGHT A restful holiday season is all but forgotten as Chris gets involved as the theft of a priceless figurine from a church's nativity scene threatens to suck the spirit of Christmas out of Folly Beach. Chris is joined by his posse of pals to return the figurine to its rightful place in the heart of his Folly Beach community. DEAD CENTER Little can ruin a peaceful morning walk more than stumbling on the body of a killer for hire. Chris's friends are convinced they know who the hit man was sent to kill and ask him to stick his nose in business that should be left to the police. Once again, Chris is in the crosshairs of a murderer.

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