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The Fiction Writing Maps: A Step-By-Step Guide To Characters

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Most people sit down to draft their first fiction novel without ever having done it before. That sounds crazy, but it's true. The truth is that mastery of the English language doesn’t guarantee mastery of the novel writing process.

Great writers do one thing differently than everyone else: they study novel writing. They learn how to translate ideas into words. They discover how to craft expertly designed characters.

Now you can, too.

The Fiction Writing Maps explains the process by peeling apart the layers of novel design to expose the nuts and bolts of writing. Then we show you step-by-step how to plug your own ideas into that framework. The Fiction Writing Maps do what no other writing resource does...

We show you how to write

If there was a roadmap for writing, what would it look like?
•It would guide the writer through character creation.
•It would be easy to use on a work in progress or from page one of a new novel.
•It would train your writer's eye to create perfectly designed characters from the beginning with less frustration and uncertainty.
•It would transform how you think about writing.

Welcome to the breakthrough resource for fiction writers
We've studied hundreds of novels, read thousands of character openings and distilled character creation to a straightforward process--complete with examples, tips and techniques in A Step-By-Step Guide to Characters. And we've gone one step showing you exactly how to plug your ideas into the framework to write powerful prose.
No more wandering in the fiction writing wilderness.

Creating Fictional Characters
Create perfectly designed characters from the beginning by following the template for drafting fictional characters. Though every character is different, they all require the same fundamental framework in order to function in the novel. You’ll find the basics of that process inside The Fiction Writing Maps with examples and techniques in A Step-By-Step Guide to Characters.

Get The Scrivener Template For The Fiction Writing Maps
If you’ve ever tried to write a novel, you know how easy it is to end up with multiple drafts, documents all over your desktop and a muddled mess of a manuscript.
There’s an easy fix for that problem. It’s called Scrivener.

Organization From The Beginning
Remember the feeling of opening a huge box of crayons for the first time and seeing the perfectly pointed array of magnificent colors? That’s what Scrivener feels like when paired with The Fiction Writing Maps Template. This is where organization intersects with ingenuity to create inspiration. Everything is ready to go in a scene-by-scene setup inside of Scrivener’s fantastic software just in time for NaNoWrimo.

Write Fictional Characters
You’ll find the Basic Character Introduction outlined from The Fiction Writing Maps as well as templates from the book. Look at deeper characterization, parsing backstory and creating vignettes for the resources that will actually help you write.

Get The Fiction Writing Maps & Get Writing.

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