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Grass Roots Animal Legislation

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Passing animal legislation can improve the lives of thousands, or even tens of thousands, of animals. In Grass Roots, Animal Legislation author Russ Mead looks at over 20 different types of state and local animal welfare laws. These are laws that are having a real impact on animals somewhere in the United States. For example, laws that make dog chaining illegal. Or banning veal crates that are so small that calves can't turn around. Each chapter has three examples of existing or proposed laws designed to help animals in some way. There is also a corresponding academic article describing the issues involved with each of these types of laws. This book is a materials resource for an animal law class on animal legislation.

Author Russ Mead is both an animal law activist and an animal law professor. He is a frequent speaker at animal law conferences. His other textbooks include Nonprofit Animal Law, Farm Animal Law and Trial Advocacy in Animal Law.

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