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We Put the Baby in Sitter 4

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After a few months away at college, my husband and I finally got to see our favorite nanny, little Charlotte, again. To our surprise and happiness, she let us know that she was pregnant with Kevin's child! After a little bit of celebration, bent over our car, Charlotte also revealed to us her problem- one that she hoped we could help her out with.

The naïve nanny had a friend from college, one that she knew also wanted to have a baby. And once Charlotte left college, she was afraid that she'd lose touch with her, even though the two had grown very close over the past few months.

Charlotte really enjoyed being taken by my husband, and she knew that Olivia would enjoy it as well. The question was, during a particularly intense game of “Truth or Dare”, would Olivia enjoy her first lesbian encounter with the two of us girls? Would she let my husband take her hard and without protection... even though she wasn't on birth control, and leave her with an impregnating creampie?

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