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In Her DNA

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Gina gets chatting to Faye, the girl behind the bar, before an internet date with a guy - the first of a few. Faye looks out for her and they become attracted to each other.
Simple you might think. She likes girls more than boys. Ditch the dating site and go out with Faye. But it’s actually a big problem, because Gina is a DNA construct, formed for the sole purpose of getting pregnant and taking a baby back to a world in another solar system where sterility is endangering the population with extinction.

She wants to do her job. She really tries. But it’s hopeless, she’s falling for Faye and that’s not going to get her pregnant.

So how do you tell the person you love that you are not human? Well, biologically she is, but she’s... kind of... the instant variety... so explanations are complicated. But things come to a head and Gina is forced to tell her... with unsurprising results.

If you think that’s complicated, what happens next makes it look like a nursery rhyme. In this science fiction lesbian romance, the sexy alien finds her fertility invasion grinding to a halt in the face of a bombardment of love and desire. Expect twists and turns and some strong erotic content. After all they’re only human. Ish.

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