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The Unexpected Journey: Ghost in the House

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This is a story that shows how men can be evil towards their family relatives. When the bread winner often passed on those left behind are usually vulnerable. This is seen in the story where he physically abuses his brothers daughter. This is something that you expect one not to witness nor even heard about it but rather your own flesh and blood is the one that destroys you. This book also enlightens us that not only physical intercourse can lend you in jail as we witnessed Tom being given a lengthy period behind bars over what he did to his niece. As we all know that schools are places where our children are protected, taught and given advises on how to go in their every day lives, this book also reveals how efficient schools can be given that they have qualified people. This has been identified by mam Carol when she realized that her student was not the one she was used to. The coordination between the school, nearby clinic and the police indicates the efficiency of service deliveries and how best they can come in handy in the time of need.

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