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Mama Mia

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In 1973, 99% of Earth’s population are wiped out in an alien invasion.
Outlaw biker gang Satan’s Bastards are among the 1% who survive. Holing up in a nature reserve at the arse end of nowhere, the men spend the next five years partying while their women scavenge for food and booze from the ruins of nearby towns and cities.
But when a supply run goes tits up, it sets in motion a chain of events that will change all their lives forever.
It is now 1978, and it’s time for the mamas and old ladies of Satan’s Bastards to fight back against the alien scum who wrecked their lives.
This is their story ...

Note: a slightly different version of this book was previously published by RetroActive as Biker Sluts versus Flying Saucers. This is the author's preferred edition.

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