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Radko's War



A galaxy at war...

Earth has fallen. 

Mired in politics and frustrated by inaction, Commander Finn Radko and the crew of the HMCS Vimy Ridge begin a bold plan, unsanctioned by the Commonwealth they serve, to assemble a task force capable of striking a major blow against the ril-galas occupation force.

Meanwhile on Earth, the mysterious woman known only as Hunter sets in motion a plan of her own, to bring hope to the ever-dwindling number of survivors sheltering within the sturdy walls of Edinburgh Castle.

And lightyears away, in a star system steeped in myth and fear, an ancient prophecy is fulfilled -- a prophecy that will forever change the course of history…

From out of the black,

a great Matriarch shall arise.

Following in the footsteps of Ur she shall come,

the blood of her enemies falling from her like rain.

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