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Reprogramming Carlos

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So what if he traipsed around school in his whitey-tighties — it was his superhero costume.

The suspension from school might be worth it — he could make national news!

What's up with the authorities in his life? — Why are they acting like this is the end of the world?

At 13, Carlos is a mess. Texting inappropriate photos of himself to his classmates, dropping his pants and running through halls, spying on neighbors, and seeing nothing wrong with his actions.

Mr. Bones fears the boy is heading down a road which will get his name out there alright — on a sexual predator list.

Mr. and Mrs. Estrada are to the point where they're not comfortable allowing their son to remain under their roof. Mr. Bones, on the other hand, doesn't want to see him institutionalized and will do anything to keep the family together. But will his uncouth methods of trying to get the boy's attention be enough?

It's a spiritual battle worth fighting!

Reprogramming Carlos is the third novel in a series of motivational Christian fiction books which are serious yet funny at the same time and will be enjoyed by teens and adults alike.

Purchase Reprogramming Carlos today and see if you have what it takes to become a Worthy Battle warrior!

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