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Nobody’s Darling

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Money is short in the overcrowded little house in Blackburn’s Fisher Street, and Ruby Millar yearns to give her beloved family a better life. So determined is she to enjoy the security that wealth can bring, that she stifles her feelings for handsome Johnny Ackroyd. Though his kisses leave her trembling with desire, Ruby knows he cannot afford the life she craves.

Working as a maid in the household of Mr Banks brings opportunity for friendship with his daughter and an insight into the world she dreams to be a part of. But even in a place so yearned for, evil natures lie and Ruby is betrayed.

Despite the bitter blow of being turned out from the Banks house, Ruby quickly finds employment at a milliner's shop, and eventually takes over the business. But her worldly success still leaves an emptiness that riches cannot fill, and Ruby learns at last that the love of family and friends is beyond price…

Nobody’s Darling is an unforgettable family saga from Josephine Cox, of the power of love, hope and jealousy. Perfect for fans of Rosie Goodwin and Cathy Sharp.

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