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Quantum Planning Systems: R.P.M.S list

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The RPMS Tool is a specialized "To Do" list that helps sort tasks
into 4 different catagories:

1. Runs -errands and out and about tasks outside of office or home
2. Projects- small and large task that require additional time and planning
3. Mailings - email, snail mail, all electronic and physical mail handling
4. Scheduled Speech - phone appointments, conference calls, all voice coorespondence via phone or internet

This unique tool is designed to organize tasks by eliminating disorder and competing issues soliciting for our most precious resource -TIME.

Its simple design creates a quick glance to monitor progress and completion. The top of the form features an indicator for the life zone your working on e.g. business, career, relationships, physical health. The left column list priority of the task from A,B, and C and right is for either placing a checkmark or date of completion for the given task. There is also room for additional notes for each catagory. Use it for events of all sorts. Use it for planning your next big or small project. Use it for everday practical living.

More importantly use it to take control of your life.

Get organized and turn up the RPMS to start a revolution of responsibility for successful living.


DC James

(C) 2007 DC James Quantum Planning S.Y.S.T.E.M.S
Harnesses the creative potential of your Time, Talent, Treasure and Tools toward accomplishing your vision, goals and dreams.

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