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The Secret Sugar Daddies

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The year is 2005. The Sugar Daddies are Chicago's loudest all-girl punk band. Singer Charleigh Hartbrake is irresistible, Drummer Sam Starr is irreverent, and keyboardist Dani Wonder is…insecure. Offstage, she's naïve, self-loathing Dani McCallister, a 20-something music school dropout who writes Disney song mash-ups in secret, pines for her absent father, and struggles to uncover who she is as an artist and a person. Dani is moments away from "ditching the Daddies" when a phone call informs her of the kidnapping of her lead singer and girl crush, the enigmatic Charleigh, sending her and the remaining Daddies on a road trip. Driving across the state in a smelly Ford Festiva, Dani and Sam confront shady old boyfriends and pre-pubescent super-fans, but when a self-righteous small-town cop detains the girls for driving a stolen vehicle, Dani must escape and complete the rescue mission flying solo in her dad's '80s jean jacket.The Secret Sugar Daddies is for anyone who's experienced the euphoria of a new friendship, or the despair of not fitting in. In other words, this darkly funny debut is for all of us.

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