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The Temple Builders: The Firstborn's Legacy: Steward Stories, #2

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In the decade since Tiran received a Sword of Champions, he feels like he's figured out what it means to be Swordbearer. He travels around the peninsula for most of the year settling disputes among Maraians and protecting them from the violent nations surrounding them. Usually Nihal, the other Swordbearer, travels with him.

A missionto defend a city from the giant Aimarines starts exactly as Tiran would expect, but then he finds himself facing a new kind of opposition. This opposition could take everything from him: his confidence in Aia's will, his life, and worst of all his calling. With all certainty gone, Tiran must decide who he is and discover what it truly means to be a Steward.

"The Temple Builders" is the fourth story in "The Firstborn's Legacy" series and the second story in the "Steward Stories" subseries.

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