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Gemini Angels

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Rahee, the Master of the Damned dug his way out of hell to give the people of earth the fight of their lives so they would worship him as their savior. And save them he would once he destroyed their will. The Gemini Angels were the only thing that could stop him. Of course if he found them and subverted them to his will, they could aide him in securing his rule on earth and allow him to conquer heaven, so that’s what he intended to do.
Trey spent his life fighting; trying to find some sense of where he belonged, while King Scharmaine locked Castille in his castle since childhood making her desperate to find something to show her she wasn’t alone. They both understood themselves to be unique, but the wings they carried offer nothing of value since they couldn’t fly, so the appendages offered nothing but misery from those who feared and used them.
Connecting meant salvation for the two angels, but fate and Rahee's servant Meros, the necromancer who travels from the land of the dead to earth in order to gather human souls, keeps them apart as war is waged on earth. Pulled apart, deceived and tortured, the pair struggles to find their purpose only to end up in hell as Rahee manipulates the angels to gain his wings and the power to control all the realms.

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