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One Day

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One Day is a narrative poem that tells the story of the demon, Argon, who is saved from death by Stella, an angel of God. Together, they explore the mysteries of life and death amidst the chaos between their kingdoms. Should one persist in his duties or yield to a stronger passion? Is sin real? One Day is a spiritual journey of being alive. It is a prayer and a confession of faith, with a hope that tomorrow is full of miracles.

"What is a star?" Argon wonders 

"if not to explode and grant a wish

if not my head, falling

on her lap of dreams 

What is a star

if not to imitate the glow on Stella's face 

or to repeat myself and my love as she sleeps 

For a star can mean a million things at once 

but what good is a star, even for dreamers

if it does not shine where she lies 

For every dream can fall as a new wish can rise 

but nothing escapes her eyes."

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