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To the Moon

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To the Moon is a chapbook of poems thrown at the Moon ~ and back. Again and again, unconditionally.

Your silhouette falls in my mouth

Your silhouette falls in my mouth


I could not speak, in pleasure

You compel me to rise and fall

To be lost and found

In your quivering hands

You confuse the bones out of me

I look for myself in the rush

And fainting ebb

Of your sighs

That I find myself in your soul

As tonight, I love you with kisses

Smoothly etched

Between the sheets

Of your being.

I will open you, petal by petal

I will open you, petal by petal

Slowly, amidst exchanging breaths

Feel my fingers send ripples down your skin

Tracing constellations made of desires, erupting


Watch me surrender my soul

To every inch of your splendor

While I examine the pages of your body

Soft, glowing, and infinite

Every pore, every curve

Nothing will be left untouched

Feel how my lips write my devotions on your naked self

The blunt confessions of a soul, in lust with divinity

And make your body tremble

With your already trembling lips

For I will eat you down, until your words falter

Until your sighs learn to pray

And beneath the curious moon and the shy burning stars

I will look straight into your eyes

Bask in every expression you make

As I stretch you open, with my hard wicked body

Digging in to you — slowly, passionately

And without mercy

While love, that strange mysterious love, melts

Into our sweat

Then I will hold you, pull you, closer, closest

Oh, my most sacred — now gasping, relished

Yet we still need

To inhale each other

With tears in our eyes, we turn our soft murmurs

Into deafening moans

Moans that conjure the Soul of God

(Because the holiest moans can only come

From two imperfect souls, meshed

In prayer)

And then nothing — nothing but ecstatic bliss

And the desire to be enlightened

Shall be

No more

For nothing will remain

But the combined scent of two souls

One shared breath, and a dreamless sleep

For once, let me show your body

What it really means

To be touched:

Like a moth, caressed

By fire.

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