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Forrester Branch

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Micah Forrester is a former Army Ranger and businessman who has retreated to his Colorado mountain property, Forrester Branch, following a bitter divorce. But Willem Vossler, the owner of the neighboring ski area, covets Forrester Branch for his expansion and development plans - and will use any means, legitimate or otherwise, to get his hands on the place. After discovering that no lawful measures will save Forrester Branch, Micah assembles a small team of operatives and sabotages the ski area. Vossler's plans are defeated, but the operation’s success leads to a cascade of disasters. And as law enforcement closes in on him, Micah is forced to flee into the Colorado mountains in the middle of winter. Take a look at Forrester Branch if you’re interested in a modern-day western set in the high country of Colorado.

"Corle generously fills his tale with action and drama; readers looking for fast-paced excitement will find it here . . . A philosophically simplistic but entertaining ecological drama." Kirkus Reviews

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