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Underground Guy

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Four men have been raped and murdered in London and the Metropolitan Police think Devlin Pope, an American businessman, had something to do with it. Why? Because while reeling from news that his mother’s body had been discovered twenty years after her disappearance, he sexually assaulted a young British constable who was working undercover to help catch the maniac.

Of course, Devlin is arrested and the police don’t even begin to believe anything he tells them, despite him obviously being horrified at the torturous deaths that were inflicted on innocent men. Besides, he can prove he was in America when three of the murders occurred. Problem is, he also has a history of brutalizing men who’ve crossed him. But since Reg, that constable, had done nothing to anger his inner beast -- except be in the wrong place at the wrong time -- Devlin’s explanations sound false to everyone ... even himself.

Why? He’s experiencing something he never has, before -- shame over his actions -- and he’s spinning headlong into chaos ... because he has fallen in love with Reg, a man who’s married, has children, is heterosexual ... and hates even the thought of being near him.

Then Devlin learns the police do have another suspect and they are hoping he will help prove that man is the murderer. Instead, he comes to believe they have narrowed their focus to the wrong individual, but they won’t listen to his suspicions. Now he must find the killer, himself ... because to his horror, since Reg looks like the dead men he has continued to put himself in harm’s way -- and it appears he has become the madman’s next target.

And there seems to be nothing Devlin can do to keep a man he loves but knows he can never have from being butchered.

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