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Jailbird Can't Fly

68 pages40 minutes


Imogen is a posh diplomat's daughter with a pretty face. She's also fresh out of jail for violent assault. Who's going to give her a break when so many others deserve it more? Angie runs a garden centre and despite her reservations gives Imogen a job to help out Patty, her parole officer friend. But the ex-con's surly, couldn't-care-less attitude gets up everyone's nose, including customers, so Angie fires her.

End of story. Or it should have been, but Imogen turns up again and Angie sees another side of her... and a sexier side, too.

Jailbird Can't Fly tells of the love story that shouldn't have happened, except that Angie cares too much about birds with broken wings... and so mistrust became attraction... and attraction became desire. Their passion is described with unfettered language so readers beware of explicit adult content.

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