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Breaking Inner Barriers. Your First Step.

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Everyone, at some point in their life, will admit that they have struggled with some type of inner barrier that is holding them back.
We all face moments in our lives where we can't seem to make forward progress, maybe in the area of finances, relationships, health and fitness, fulfillment, goal achievement or even our spiritual life. We know something is holding us back, but the problem is, most of us can't pinpoint what those barriers are, how they got there or how to overcome them.
These barriers contribute to feeling empty, lost and frustrated. They may include mental and emotional loops that effect our decision-making process, and ultimately affect our life - robbing us of happiness.
Whether you've been abused, suffer from depression, experienced a life altering event or great loss, struggled with long term financial stress, suffered a business or an athletic loss, or have experienced a trauma, this book is for you.

This is not a self-help book -
This is an interactive book, backed by a comprehensive resource created and designed by the author that encourages you to participate in the activities outlined in each chapter to increase self-awareness. You will be taking a journey with the author as you read about his family’s experience with loss, as you read about their heart wrenching battle with cancer, and as you read about the financial traumas they suffered. You'll walk with him on his journey, as he relays insight that he gained from his chaplain experience as he sat across people who expressed their inner pain while he asked them life altering questions that raised their self-awareness. In the end, they experienced healing on a multitude of levels, something that they had been looking for most of their life.
This book and the comprehensive resource that comes with it will:
•Take you on your own personal journey of inner healing
•Equip you with the knowledge and the tools you need to expose hidden inner barriers
•Give you power over long term struggles in finances, relationships and broken dreams
•Uncover and resurrect your fighting spirit and release the champion within to experience victory
•Help you face and overcome barriers caused by depression, abuse, and loss.
•Help you heal from mental, emotional and spiritual pain that have plagued your life

This is not your average book that you read and set aside. This is a resource that you will keep referring to on a regular basis until your life is dramatically changed for the better. Raymond exposes the dangers of widely accepted notions that have cause more damage than good. One chapter talks about the dangers of accepting the belief that, "Time heals all wounds." If it were true, then why did the 88-yr. old woman he met with still carry a painful event since she was a teenager?

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