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Haystin Hills

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Haystin Hills is a small city with a population of twenty thousand. When there is a small city, a group of strangers are at times inadvertently connected to each other. But when Grant commits an evil act against an innocent woman to seek revenge for his brother's false imprisonment, it sends a ripple effect through the group of strangers.
Three weeks after Sara’s assault, her best friend, Monica discovers what has happened to her best friend. Monica invites Sara to move in with her while she recovers. After Sara moves in with Monica, the two women go out to a favorite club for a few drinks. The women meet Andrew, Ryan, and Kimber at the club. When Ryan becomes devoted to finding out who assaulted his new friend with Monica’s help, more information is revealed about the tragic event that led to Sara’s assault by an angry Grant.
The strangers get to know each other as the hunt for the truth continue revealing secrets about the group's past. What is thrown at the group of people will cause them to question everything that they thought they knew about life.

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