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Flidais Destah: Where the Fairies Live

Flidais Destah: Where the Fairies Live

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Flidais Destah: Where the Fairies Live

298 pages
3 hours
Dec 19, 2018


There are parallel realities within the earth dimension, how and why is it possible we are more receptive to our psychic abilities than ever before? We all are part of the ascension process of Gaia.
As we raise our vibration, we allocate our collective consciousness within the frequency that vibrates the same higher frequency of consciousness that a person embodies.
What happened when an earthling, named Nila Njord crosses the veil of a parallel reality called "Flidais Destah" within the earth's third dimension, in the spirit of self-discovery, delightful involvement, as the magical lore begins?
Innate, within our DNA, are the abilities within each one of us; this process of awakening will assist humanity to walk the dimensional bridge to move into a collectively ascended planet. What would happen when Nila's DNA, calibrates her spiritual evolution? In higher vibrational dimensions the communication occurs not with the emotional but with the vibrational frequency of the heart.
An adventurous, even dangerous realm, an enchanted place where we all dream to be part of it. Nila finds herself in a mystical and parallel reality, where the unexpected has yet to come. Would Nila be trapped in this everlasting dimension?

Dec 19, 2018

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Flidais Destah - Sonia Salinas


Flidais Destah

Copyright © 2018 by Sonia Salinas

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the author, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other non-commercial uses permitted by copyright law.

Tellwell Talent



978-1-77370-305-3 (Hardcover)

978-0-2288-0594-6 (Paperback)

978-1-77370-306-0 (eBook)



To Dale Kenner, my husband, thank you for your knowledge and for being part of my life. For respecting my space so I can continue to soar with my wings of freedom.

Thank you, timeless Sri Mahavatar Babaji, for your Divine consciousness. Thank you, Toby Alexander, for sharing with us Indigos of Planet Earth your divine knowledge as the creator of this unique technique of DNA Activation, the most powerful and life-changing experience on Planet Earth. Having my DNA activate helped me to fulfill my mission to assist all divine souls on Earth willing to remember their purpose in life during their ascension.

Divine soul, as you open your curious mind, whether you are focused on the synchronicity that brought you to read this book, whether you are focused upon trusting your guidance, trust that it is all part of the process.

Thank you,



As above, so below!

When you look at yourself, remember…

The truth of the entire multiverse is within you.

Love and light, the forces of awareness live within you,

The mere light essence from the Creator of the multiverse.

As above, so below!

Light within, light without, deep in your darkness you will find…

Your intention you will refine. The greater light is within the mind’s eye,

The greater light of thy cannot be denied. Therefore, thine eye be single,

Thy divine essence shall mingle; the whole shall be full of light.

As above, so below!

Your consciousness of being will oscillate the belief paired into the reality you will live in.

In the name of the one heart of all, divine love guided by the divine self

within this book, you will remember,

Divine essence is who you are.

Follow your heart, find your truth now and beyond…

This book is dedicated to all of you divine souls, to inspire you to aspire to reach for your star.

Table of Contents

Chapter One

Nature, the Pure Essence of Infinity • page ix

Chapter Two

Welcome to Flidais Destah • page xc

Chapter Three

Awakening the DNA • page clxxvii

Let’s see:

Where do I start? Do you believe in fairies?

Once upon a time…


Yes! An untold story, a tale thought to be lost forevermore. As above, so below, an unseen, magical dimension within our dimension, a parallel world named Flidais Destah where the fairies live.

Dazzling and natural, an unbelievable and unseen path through fields of green land—no one has ever been able to perceive its beauty through the naked eyes. In a thick forest of elm trees, bright and nostalgic, a faint, dense haze, barely allowing the sunbeams through it, prevails, mysterious and enchanted.

"Nature, the pure essence of infinity—sacred, harmonious, a natural substance, our most precious gift—everything is made of it, including us. Essential and unique qualities that make us part of the one consciousness at birth. Our DNA, an innate disposition from the subatomic to the cosmic energy that allows us the simplest pleasures of the spiritual, physical body, and ethereal, to breathe, to create from within. Our multidimensional freedom, our spiritual expression in a parallel reality, a blue planet known as Earth.

"From wildlife, rocks, forests, beaches, and glaciers, all different types of flora and fauna, inanimate mountains made of matter and energy, all things that have not been substantially altered by human intervention.

Did you hear this, Mom? Nila says.

Nila, honey, what are you doing? Are you reading your dad’s book? Mrs. Boudicca replies.

Mom, I think Dad has this page open for me to read it, Nila says.

"Well, honey, I guess I am responsible for this; when I was pregnant, I was reading that book you are reading, Dimensions Are Not, and I felt like you heard me from my belly as I read it. Nila, why don’t you read your new book about fairies that we gave you instead? Leave your father’s reading alone, sweetheart!" Mrs. Boudicca replies.

Meanwhile, somewhere on the parallel earth, the magnificent, tall elm trees and bushes near a cascade of spring water—sublime views rather than odd, like numerous areas that seem to be present and unseen—lug a magical and mysterious vibration around our planet Earth. Quick footsteps inside the forest are running away; desperately, a man and a girl running together, holding hands as they rush, a deep guttural sound of the throat screaming for help:

Uh—oh, no!

Gwuf, be quiet! Hurry!

Help, please somebody help us, nuh!

Uh-oh! No, no! Uh—no!

Afraid, desperately running away inside the forest, they reach the outskirts, where apparently a light portal exit seems to exist, like a see-through orb, a portal door through twisted branches forming an unknown dimensional swirl within the tree branches, suspended vortex energy. The man and the girl traverse the portal to the other side, which seems to be within the same forest.

An unknown portal—as they approach, the man recognizes the landmark he made before entering. Without any effort, the man and the girl cross the multidimensional forest, and suddenly stopping to catch their breath, both start to calm down. Putting his hands on his knees, the man slightly bends. Meanwhile, the girl ceases crying.

My name is Stefan. What is your name? the man says.

I’m Camilla. Thank you for helping me! I was hiding; I don’t remember how it was that I went into the other side. We were camping nearby, my mom, dad, and my two brothers; I was playing when suddenly I lost my way back to the camp; then I saw you running away, the girl replies.

Were your parents in the forest with you? the man asks.

No, my mom and dad are supposed to be here on this side; by now they must be worried, the girl says.

Well, we should move on. Let’s go! I will find a way to take you home to your parents, the man replies.

Nervously, the man begins to laugh as he looks back; no one has followed them. After crossing through the energy vortex, they feel safe, yet once again they both start to scream in pain; their entire bodies begin to shatter. They scream for help, cries of anguish; down on his knees, the man knows this is as far as they can go. Crying, they hold each other’s arms as he asks the girl to forgive him; he knows this is the end.

I am so sorry, very sorry, Camilla; I didn’t know, please forgive me, please…

Sadly, before they can breathe again, rapidly their bodies turn into ashes; the moment they go through the portal in the forest, their bodies begin to shatter and disintegrate, and looking to the full moon, their souls go into the light.

In a parallel reality called Flidais Destah where the fairies live it is 11:55 p.m., almost midnight, and the blood moon eclipse is taking place.

With curious fascination, we gaze upon these phenomena: a blood moon during an eclipse, an unexplained mystery, a sensation of nostalgia. We look at it; we sense it. Intuitive perception. We know it because we can feel it subconsciously shifting our emotions in our souls, minds, and spirits.

Light within and light without. This absence of light, a moment of darkness, when the heartless alchemist, the Al-Khemet, Li Mya is manipulating the course of Orbis Terra, the earth. Perhaps all we know will be gone forever.

A Sigillum, a seal, using powerful enchantments is conjured. Li Mya uses a seal made of different inscriptions, symbols, actions, languages, and elements with planetary numerology according to their influence on letters, names of demons, and the divine, carrying a powerful occult magic.

The completion of the spell opens an energy vortex directing unnatural forces and energies at will, capable of destroying everything in its way. Using the methods of the ancient alchemy, emeralds, and humans’ and magical beings’ body parts. Manipulating the position of the stars and the planets, secret codes, casting the most powerful of all magic on this blood moon eclipse.

The alteration of nature is the most daring magic Li Mya the Al-Khemet ever created. Affecting other layers of realities within those dimensions without control of their own, the manipulated forces on the elements can only obey Li Mya’s commands. The winds coming from all directions out of control, the propagation of fire, the tremulous vibration of the earth, changing everything in its path, the overflow of waters are becoming one master of destruction on Earth. Li Mya’s enchantments and seals placed upon the intelligent spirits of Air, Water, Fire, and Earth violently control the natural intelligence of the four elements with unnatural powers set for the destruction of Earth.

During the rise of the blood moon eclipse, a dark fate sets in motion, darkening the entire Orbis Terra, the earth, creating devastation and incertitude. The Battle under the Eclipse begins at Flidais Destah. Groups of Agni Kuu dragons form full circles as part of their course to incinerate everything where the fairies live; the dragons have been commanded to set fire to the houses to destroy the fairies.

The smog created from burning areas, the darkness of the blood moon during an eclipse make the surroundings difficult to see; fairies are perishing. It is impossible to fly away; confused and surprised, some of them die, calcinated in the middle of this chaos.

Fairies and animals are beings that dwell neither on battles nor on fear; they do what is most important for their survival. They all are connected as one peaceful and harmonious consciousness, so they are running away to protect themselves and their families. Caught abruptly, many of them don’t know why the sudden fire has started; they are saving their families and friends, helping each other to escape, leaving behind what is not essential for their survival.

In other areas on Flidais Destah, where the fairies live, the abundant, overflowing tides of water rapidly travel from the rivers, flooding onto the lands that generally are dry, outpouring and submerging many areas on Flidais Destah, destroying the green lands. The flying fish, dolphins, and hippocampi (seahorses) are patiently waiting on the edges of the seas, rivers, and lakes to assist the wounded. The dolphins and hippocampi are holding around their bodies straps to pull a sled to carry as many wounded fairies and creatures as possible; everybody is working together, saving each other, moving across the sea into Vallis Purus, the Pure Valley.

Chaos versus nature is all around; at the center of the ongoing fire circles, many hidden iron traps contain fairies unable to escape. The dwarfs participate in this collective rescue of their beloved fairies, friends, and creatures, saving them; other dwarfs are fighting with the bodacious Bodach, some of these heartless creatures going frantic and starting to eat the fairies trapped inside the iron cages. Many are burning; they are rapidly losing their families, especially their young ones.

The wicked goblins are emptying the trapped fairies from the cages into a big tank to bring as many as possible to the Al-Khemet. Other goblins are confounding, playing mischievous tricks to harm the eagles, lynxes, and all those who are trying to help the fairies.

The salamanders are known to hold on in fire as if they were in the water; they are running through the fire to liberate the trapped fairies. Above the sky, the noble and mighty phoenix is fighting against the Agni Kuu dragons.

No one that is dark like the Bodach and goblins can lounge on Vallis Purus, the Pure Valley, only good fairies and the animals. They all know Vallis Purus is the safest place to be. Staying together is difficult; the fawns and their mothers are running away in all directions, unable to defend themselves from the fire and this frightening disaster. Butterflies, bumblebees, birds—all flying creatures arrive safely while other animals are rapidly evacuating to Vallis Purus.

Many of the big bucks, elk, bears, and other wildlife are pulling down stones to use them to barricade and stop the fire’s spread all around the bushes. Even natural enemies are helping each other, finding ways to help everyone escaping for their survival.

Eagles are carrying away the wounded and other small animals, assisting the lynxes with groups of fairies on their backs. Unlikely, the foxes are helping birds, rabbits, and squirrels. The owls, moths, and birds carry as well the wounded and the smallest of all creatures like the snails, ants, and snakes to reach their new destination, an impressive collective effort; together, all unite to save each other.

Vallis Purus, the Pure Valley, is the heart of Flidais Destah. The only access to this sanctuary is through a dimensional portal, an opening to the most sacred and pure realm of Flidais Destah.

The dimensional portal entrance into Vallis Purus is a mirror image that reflects itself, looking as if is suspended in the air. A half-circle shape opens like a bridge made of black diamonds from the main entrance, reflecting a full circle (gravitating from the above and the below). All its inhabitants enter this dimension within a dimension itself, the sacred heart of Flidais Destah, their most beloved sanctuary.

The water looks like it never moves, a still lake. Everyone who enters Vallis Purus seems to do so by gliding or swimming on the lake toward the dimensional entrance portal. On each side at the end of the arch, guarding the main gate, there are two magnanimous shape-shifters, white-winged Tiger Dragons, Draigmen and Draqua, protecting whatever may threaten the sanctuary of the Pure Valley, Vallis Purus; these are the most loyal subjects of Dae Aether.

Dae Aether, goddess of the above terrestrial world, is patiently observing who is entering the main gate. She is the enigmatic Divine Spirit of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth, the mystical Sphinx, a hybrid of two magical beings with a human head, the neck and breast of a beautiful nude woman, and beneath, the body of a mighty winged lion.

Dae Aether is an enigma; she represents the divine, universal mind, the soul, and the great animal spirit that we all possess—the supreme human divinity. She is a symbol of the divine natural qualities of two worlds: loving, compassionate, daring, and fearless wings of freedom.

She is watching that no bad subjects enter but all beloved fairies and creatures are granted welcome into Vallis Purus, the Pure Valley, providing their safety from the prominent danger. Groups of fairies arrive wounded; others already sane and safe, helping their friends and families. Others are disembarking: the injured animals and fairies on sacred land, assisted by the flying fish, the hippocampi, and the dolphins. Humble and collective efforts of pure Omni love support those unable to fight the devastation of the natural forces created by Li Mya.

Li Mya and King Aizmarsiba Oblitus have created havoc and chaos where the fairies live as well as in our parallel reality, Orbis Terra, the earth.

Meanwhile, the gathering of Kings and Queens of Flidais Destah is taking place at Vallis Purus, the pure Valley, to wrangle on the malefic powers set in motion by Li Mya and King Oblitus Aizmarsiba.

Queens and Kings, ambassadors to the four elements, can assist and influence the elements to counteract Li Mya’s spells. Yet they are assuming the outlook of the guardians of the Elementals, calm, gentle, wise, and loving. They have decided to observe without interfering, for they know help is always offered when possible. Allowing the outcome to take its course, knowing that all that is about to happen is for a reason, and everything occurring has a higher purpose for each and everything that respires on Flidais Destah. For now, all their subjects and allies are doing their best to assist the helpless creatures and their beloved fairies, taking them to the safest place on Flidais Destah.

Ad interim, in the parallel reality and third dimension called Orbis Terra, the earth, every human begins to experience a sudden moment of stillness and lightness at once. Confused by this experience, they do not understand a sudden, out-of-nowhere whisper in their minds. Each person on Earth is asking themselves:

What is it? What is this? a man exclaims.

A young woman screams, What are these voices in my head?

Feel like someone else is talking to me, an empathic person thinks.

It doesn’t feel normal. What is that sound? a businessman says.

Babies, boys, and girls cry as an unknown pitch disturbs their awareness.

Suddenly, all humans find themselves looking around as if someone were playing a joke on them. A soft and sturdy whisper in their ears and psychic awareness, afraid, confused to ask anyone if they heard what just happened, each person feels bewildered about what is going on, silently questioning if what they experienced was real. All humans feel somehow more disconnected than before from one another. The reason is that the tricksy King Oblitus Aizmarsiba once again controls them all—using his telepathic mind, transmitting, controlling, and magnifying his strength in a massive collective induction for control, using his power to manipulate the minds of all earthlings at once.

People feel as if something has been taken from them; all their joy fades away; from this moment on remaining empty, incapable of feeling unconditional love but only anxiousness and fear, they all are more susceptible to any negative energy than ever before. It all began when Li Mya the Alchemist and Aizmarsiba Oblitus, King of the Goblins, desired to control Flidais Destah and the parallel reality, the third-dimensional Orbis Terra, the earth.

A total turmoil of utter confusion and commotion is rising out of control among people and animals on Orbis Terra, the earth; rates of death are increasing every second. The entire population is dealing with chaos and fear, confused between right and wrong. Harmony and welfare once were something thought to be of value in all humanity. Everywhere, scenes are people turning against each other: uncivil human behavior, disagreement, hatred, intense feelings of violence. They turn out to be more complicated than primitive savages, and sadly, they look lesser than old advanced civilizations.

Hope, joy, peace, love are banished from the earthlings; humanity are unable to access their compassionate feelings of peace within their hearts. Instead, mistrust disrupts harmony; shame is the everyday behavior. Extensive destruction—all kinds of valuable lives are gone due to fire, overflowing tides, the devastation of the natural resources.

The weather conditions are changing the climate all around the earth: overheated cities, rainstorms, frizzing snow destroying

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