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Stolen Command (Political Scavengers Series Book 3)

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The Beast, the secret police, the alien bird and man made Hell...
A death mask? What is going on Attorney?” the Judge cried out. The plaintiff’s counsel himself was surprised too.
“Who are you?” the Judge barked. “I will charge you for contempt of this court.”
Then a roaring brassy voice echoed, “but not for the dead.”
The drama was becoming frightening to young high school students who were allowed to visit and observe court proceedings. And indeed, court proceedings and drama they observed. As the judge watched their frightened faces, the plaintiff slowly removed the last mask. But the Judge’s fury and the people’s fears snowballed into turmoil...
In Stolen Command (Political Scavengers Series Book 3) Aaron Bo Snr. at last got it - a complete united family together, overcome the struggle for survival, poverty, won the government seat as Governor. With diamond money and support of the people would he repair the long term damages Cafia AC had suffered. Will the junta allow a proper democratic rule? Would he restructure the polity, rehabilitate the long wounded people, reintegrate the commoners, scavengers, workers into the mainstream economy? He asked for the fight.All eyes and expectations would be on him. This series is revealing, suspense full, a game changer. Get your own copy today.

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