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May I Ask You Some Questions?

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… Is it too late to try or are you a bird that’s still waiting to fly? Are you finally your ally or still an enemy you can’t identify? Why can’t your dreams become a part of your reality? Do you see your potential or only a technicality? In a collection of thoughtful questions presented as rhyming poetry, Gregory Hightower challenges others to contemplate their lives in the past, present, and future, and instigate positive change in the process. Hightower, a military veteran who has been writing poems for years, relies on his own life experiences to formulate poetic questions that encourage self-reflection about the pursuit of dreams, points of view, personal happiness, authentic friendships, character and attitude, superficial behaviors, physical abuse, and bullies. In this unique collection of verse, an American poet offers introspective questions that invite others to explore the meaning behind their lives and look deep into their conscience for the answers.

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