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Obeying Mr. Kringle

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What happens when obeying Mr. Kringle turns out to be a business matter of the heart?

Kristophe Kringle knew all his life that he would run his family's holiday business with his brother. It was the focus of his life and making his branch of the company a success was the only thing important to him. Or so he believed. Hadley was a woman too enmeshed in his passed. She was the right girl, but at the wrong time. In her eyes, he could see the happily-ever-after dreams dancing in her head. His own arrogance and selfishness kept the wall around his heart thick. When she returns to his life, he thinks a contract is all he needs to keep the relationship in check. She will work for him. She will obey him. And leave him when he tells her to go. Until he realizes he can't release her.

Hadley Alexander decides it is time to return home. Nothing for her is going as she planned. Career-wise she hit a wall and her relationship has gone flat. When she picks up her roots and heads back to the East Coast, she never conceives that she'd end up working for, with and under Kristophe. The intense bachelor shattered her dreams years ago but being a part of his company can kick doors wide open for her. Once she decides to place herself in the lion's den and follow his every directive there will be no refuge for her heart this time.

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