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Peter Paul Rubens: Drawings & Paintings (Annotated)

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He is regarded as the most famed and leading painter of Flemish Baroque movement. Peter Paul Rubens concentrated in painting church decorations, portrayals, landscape paintings, and thematically pictures with plots from mythology and ancient as well as allegorical themes.
His perfectly constructed compositions situated in well-learned from him parts of Antiquity and Bible narration.
His distinctive and enormously admired manner stressed on dynamics, bright colors, and emotionality, trailed the instantaneous, spectacular imaginative approach encouraged in the Counter-Reformation epoch.
Rubens managed a huge art workshop that created masterpieces admired with European courts and noblemen, additionally, he was a brilliantly trained humanist intellectual and ambassador who was honored by both King of Spain and King of England.
He was an extremely productive painter produced over 1400 works, without a vast amount of reproductions painted in his studio.

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