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Lifting the Veil: Emergence

329 pages5 hours


The nuclear winter has ended. Survivors cautiously begin to peek out of their underground shelters, each having endured their separate trials. They emerge into a foreign land wiped bare from the ferocious storms and glaciers. The landscape is barren with barely any sign of life. How will they fare in the new land with supplies running low?

Many find signs directing them to a land prepared, but the journey over inhospitable terrain is daunting. Most of the survivors, in groups great and small, find themselves pulled either to the west or to the northwest. Searching for supplies, Frank and Marie encounter something dark, eventually meeting up with a mysterious stranger.

In the protected valley, life begins anew. Two groups have fragmented the peaceful valley, each certain they are right in their beliefs. The barrier still stands, holding off the harsh weather, but for how long?

Keegan, believing himself the new messiah, gathers his people to him and begins his march to the east. Unknown to any of the forming groups, something dark has begun gathering at the gates, thundering forth into an unprepared land.

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