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The Medici Men



Enthralled By Moretti – Cathy Williams

Defeat leaves a bitter taste in lawyer Chase Evans's mouth. She's worked hard to put the mistakes of her past behind her, but it's not in billionaire CEO Alessandro Moretti's nature to forgive…or forget. And in this latest deal he holds all the cards.

Despite her lies, Alessandro wants the elusive Chase in his bed now more than ever – and he's not above blackmail to get her there. But his punishing regime of red–hot revenge backfires as his increasing desire threatens his legendary self–control, and still Chase and her secrets seem just out of his reach…

Interview With A Playboy – Kathryn Ross

Sailing around the Mediterranean in a luxury yacht sounds like heaven – but for journalist Isobel Keyes it's a personal hell! She's trapped with Marco Lombardi – her next big story, and the man who caused her family's downfall.

Marco is gossip–column gold, but he hates journalists. Whisking this one away so she can do less damage seems like a plan – until she sparks Marco's interest. Now he finds himself wanting to kiss and tell Izzy everything…but at what cost?

The Playboy's Proposition – Leanne Banks

When Michael Medici spotted the beautiful cocktail waitress, he made his move. One extraordinary night later, he knew he wanted more from Bella St Clair. Too bad he'd just acquired her family's business – and she despised him.

The word 'no' wasn't in the Medici vocabulary, so he made Bella an offer even the proudest woman couldn't refuse: become his mistress, and she'd regain her company. Though she agreed to his proposition, she refused to surrender to his no–emotions–involved rule. Would this Medici millionaire succumb to his heart's hidden desire?

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