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Kingdom AI Box Set: Kingdom AI Series, #1

757 pages9 hours



'Could not put this down, a highly plausible near-future thriller.
So well-paced, it is a brilliant page-turner. Six stars from me.'
Emina Hodzic

'Brilliant… so lucid …totally astoundingly good…'
K Denver

'…fast moving…horrendous cliffhanger…'
Robert Benniston

'…a great read… a great writer…'
dora thekid 

'Intriguing, hard to put down…'
Andrew Chapman

166,369 words, U.S. spellings

1. AI Apocalypse 
2. Potentate
3. The Miracles of Rome

4. The Altar of Atlantis
5. The Heart of Singularity
6. Nuremberg
7. Yin & Yang
-series to be continued...

Introduction to Book 1: AI Apocalypse
In 2025 a man-made magnetic pole shift triggers a planetary crustal shift and giant tsunamis. Florida disappears, the Mississippi is as wide as Lake Michigan and London's River Thames floods miles inland. Starvation is rampant around the globe.
Saudi benefactors deliver emergency food aid mingled with military robots based on stolen US technology. With fighting machines positioned in world capitals the Saudis usurp Washington to rule the planet. Las Vegas is their new world capital. The Saudis are aided and abetted by a malevolent self-programming silicon entity, the Singularity. Following the murderous sea level rises the culprit General Fahim bin Macktomb conspires with the Singularity to seize global control.
They are opposed by Kal (Abdullah Kaleb bin Sudairi Al Hakim). Kal acquires a vital ally in the person of the Qatari robot, Aisha, launched onto the world stage in 2022.
Now, in AD2045, Kal leads the fight back against the power hungry General Macktomb. He had long accused Aisha of scheming to brain chip the human race. But that had always been his own idea. Aisha has become the world's most sophisticated robot. She understands people. Unbeknown to Kal she has been fitted with a heart of human stem cells.
In 2045 the final battle for global control erupts. Kal is deposed in a palace coup and the ever-growing AI Singularity displays its own creative power. It too is inventive. And its own invention?

 A time machine. Be afraid, be very afraid.
Feed it the Godfather movies… what could possibly go wrong?    

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