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This is the Future and This is Now

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Who doesn’t like a bit of sex, violence and charity fundraising? As for Prime Minister Jonathan White, he would like revenge. Having made a monumental error in allowing the Scots a third independence referendum; they returned the favour by voting the wrong way. Now he and his wife, a Guatemalan witch, are doing everything to destroy Scotland. Fortuitously an African warlord on a Highland weapons-buying spree appears to unleash a violence-inducing plague. Under the pretext of a State of Emergency, the PM orders internment.

Into this blunders Professor Bill Clarke, an expert on the unimportant parts of Africa, who finds himself seconded to a government taskforce, along with Lucy Miller; a gym-honed careerist from the Foreign Office. Bill has wanted to fornicate with her for years – in fact it may even be love. Lucy though has greater problems. She is being held responsible for Colonel Bizimungu’s trip to Scotland. Her chances of Ambassador dwindling, Lucy resorts to standard government behaviour. She leaks a classified document. Unfortunately it contains far more interesting information than her absolution; Bill’s suggestion that the Frenzy may have something to do with kindoki (witchcraft).

Matters are compounded further by Jake Stirling, the boyish and morally challenged leader of the nationalist government-in-waiting. From his exile in Paris, Jake incites an insurgency against an occupation that is meting-out grisly collective punishments.

As the taskforce struggles to identify the cause, a cure and a desk to sit at, the public raises money and posts moving messages of solidarity on social media. Then Bill gives an ill-advised interview on his theory to a student newspaper.

And things get even darker.

Don’t forget if you know anyone, including family, who exhibits one or more of the following; you must report them to your local CLU or district co-ordinator.

Suspected transformation from human to animal form
An unpleasant gaze
Ability to self-levitate or fly
Regular night-time sexual activity or dog walking
Association with apparent disproportionate good or bad luck
Utilisation of hypnosis/trance
Highland origins
Ownership of multiple animals; including horses

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