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Kiss Of The Jade Maiden

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The begin of Spiritual Transformation (Alchemy) has to start with the Moon Sphere; as the 1st Barrier of Heaven. The Fluid Gnosis of the Moon is the prerequisite for cooking the desired Moon Child: The New Incarnation of the Taoist adept. The practitioner has to conjure up the Uterine Cosmos. Developing his own Wombiverse: Growing a Red Moon within his Lower Elixir Field. Through the Kiss of the Jade Maiden. That's what this book is about.
The focus of this latest Module in the Heart of TAO System is the Jade Maiden: Her contribution to Astral Alchemy. Women by nature are Alchymists. They are already perfected, because they possess the secret of creating life within their Uterus. This enables them to fly naturally, especially under the influence of the Moon.
In this important Taoist Module, the practitioner undergoes Astral Bondage: Following the Northern Course. Like surrendering under the enlightening Purple Canopy of the Big Dipper, so here the adept submits under that transmutating Kiss of the Jade Maiden: Fluid Gnosis flowing down from the Sidereal North.
Taoism (as indigenous High - Religion of the Mainland) embraces and expresses the Female Yin Domain: The Taoist aspires to and transmorphs himself into a woman. Stealing the secret of life from the woman: To give birth to himself as Spiritual Infant in his Lower Elixir Field. Concocting the Crimson Philosopher's Stone in the Secret Art of the Golden Flower. Guided by Madame Luna.
The author here puts emphasis on the Moon Realm. A forgotten Sphere of BloodLight. A hot zone of Liquid Gnosis. Therein are residing 15 Moon Maidens, who like to kiss a deserving Taoist adept for his Thaumaturgic achievements. To assist him in his Spiritual Transformation. Into a new Cosmic Being. The reader goes astrally ordained and stellar infused directly to the Moon: Through the Kiss of the Jade Maiden.

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