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Knight's Bane Trilogy



An ancient enemy has risen to challenge immortality. 

Section 28 is under attack from esoteric forces tied to Director Smith's past and from certain factions within the United States Government.

*   *   *   *   *  
From the journal of J. Smith, Director of Section 28: 

I feared this day would come. Yes, we've made enemies over the years, but they have never been this brazen. Now we find ourselves under attack from external and internal threats. I do not know if we will survive this time. I do not know if I will survive. 

We still have to continue to protect the United States and the world. We will find out how many allies Section 28 still has. I only hope that we can endure. 
*   *   *   *   *

Section 28 is the secret government agency that is tasked with hunting monsters and controlling mystical forces that live on our plane.

In the first book, INCURSION: Knightmare, the team was sent on their very first mission - a vampire hunt in rural Colorado that goes horribly wrong. In book two, INCURSION: Faeblade, Team Knightmare investigated a massacre at a fae nightclub in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and stopped a war with the fae. In this book, INCURSION: Dragonfire, The agency is challenged by ancient enemies.

Can Section 28 survive the attacks? Can Smith?

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