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The Knight's Bane Trilogy

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Vampires. Faeries. Dragons. Oh My!

Team Knightmare has fought monsters across the nation and kept treaties with courts from other realms. The agents of Section 28 have fought to save the world and their own country. The Knight's Bane Trilogy-Omnibus Edition is the collection of their stories.

Occasionally, the edges of our reality blur and grow thin. Section 28 is a secret division of Homeland Security that is specially recruited and trained to interdict the creatures that come through the weak spots. 

In book one, INCURSION: Knightmare, the newest team of Section 28 is recruited and sent on an easy training mission to kill a couple brand new vampires. That was the original plan. 

In book two, INCURSION: Faeblade, the now-veteran team is sent to investigate a massacre at a fae nightclub in Michigan. It is up to the team to stop a war between the Fae courts and humanity. 

In book three, INCURSION: Dragonfire, Section 28 has been attacked by external enemies. As they are recovering, they are challenged from forces inside the government. Will Section 28 survive the attacks from outside and from within?

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