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Jimgrim - The Spy Thrillers Series

4,456 pages72 hours


This eBook has been formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices. Jimgrim is an American who had been recruited by the British intelligence services because of his in-depth knowledge of Arab life. He often travels to Middle East in order to protect British interest in that part of the world, putting himself, quite often, in a grave danger.Table of Contents:Jimgrim and Allah's PeaceThe Iblis at LuddThe Seventeen Thieves of El-KalilThe Lion of PetraThe Woman AyishaThe Lost TrooperAffair in ArabyA Secret SocietyMoses and Mrs. AintreeThe Mystery of Khufu's TombJungle JestThe Nine UnknownThe Marriage of Meldrum StrangeThe Hundred DaysOM — The Secret of Ahbor ValleyThe Devil's Guard Jimgrim (King of the World)

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