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Apollo: Dragon Warrior: Dragon Warrior, #5

212 pages3 hours


They're destined to be mates, but can she accept the life that comes with the love of a dragon-shifter?

Nova lives a safe life, which she enjoys. She doesn't need action and adventure to feel fulfilled. All she needs are archives and the prospect of a good job. Little does she know, all of that is about to change the second she meets him. Apollo is the lead warrior for the Native Samou, a race of dragon-shifters who, despite the close relationship with Earth and the Galactic Empire, still live on their home planet. When he and his warriors are called to the Capital to help lead the troops against a possible attack, a chain of events neither of them expected is set into motion.

When they come together, there is no looking back. Nova is pulled into the world of danger and war—a world she never realized she belonged in. She will discover a part of herself she never knew existed, all while falling in love with the man who refuses to see her for anything less than what she is.

With danger hovering around them, and threats coming from the most unlikely of places, will their love be enough to keep them together? Or, will the world they live in successfully tear them apart?

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