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Killer Fortnite Strategies: An Ultimate Unofficial Battle Royale Guide

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Master Strategies for Achieving #1 Victory Royale

Killer Fortnite Strategies: The Ultimate Unofficial Battle Royale Guide is an all-new, full-color, unofficial guide for adult gamers specifically covering the Windows PC and Mac versions of Fortnite: Battle Royale. With pro tips, expert strategies, and in-depth information, this guide covers everything from tweeking your computer and customizing your keyboard for your own personal game play experience to advanced tactics for resource gathering and weapon utilization.

Features: Hundreds of full-color screenshots Customizing tips for the ultimate gaming experience Thorough exploration of the island In-depth information on weapons, ammo, and loot items Proven strategies for resource gathering and building structures Expert combat and survival tactics Tips for avoiding the storm and surviving the End Game (the Final Circle) And more!

Regardless of your skill or experience level playing Fortnite: Battle Royale on a PC or Mac, this info-packed resource will up your game, improve your kill scores, and help you achieve #1 Victory Royale.

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