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God’s Inner Healing: A Guide in Life Recovery, Healing, and Mission

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God's Inner Healing is a biblically-based life recovery book written by psychotherapist Dr. Angelo O. Subida. In this book, Dr. Subida guides you on a journey of life recovery, healing, and Mission.

Through personal reflection, relevant Bible studies, and numerous examples, he shows how lasting healing and wholeness is shaped by life's application of the Word of God.

Dr. Subida explores the reasons why many experience depression, addiction, poor self image, and other emotional dysfunctions. He directs your attention to Christ's example and teachings for total, permanent healing.

This thoughtful, provocative book affirms your value to God, your self, and others.

The author writes, "This book is dangerous. I've written it for I believe everybody needs it. At the same time, I've written it with some trepidation. The book deals with pain. It's a journey into our dark, hidden side. Despite of that, I believe it's greatest gains shall be God's hope, healing, and happiness. I call it "God's inner healing." I don't know of a better way to describe a process that completely liberates people. That is, deep-level healing from life's hurts, wounds and personal dysfunction. Medicine alone can never be complete. Psychiatry and psychology can't be deep enough."

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