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Vi'gosh The Wanderer: Sasharian Saga, #1

447 pages7 hours


In the depths of the Volstonian Mountains, lay a village kept hidden away for over a century. Its steadily weakening magic housing a tribe of Sasharians, a forgotten people. The day finally comes when long time enemies; humans, invade the Sasharians' homeland. In the attempt to eradicate the tribal people, they are discovered by a small Sasharian hunting party. 

From the request of the dying chief, Vi'gosh, the last Sasharian is quested to travel the lands seeking vengence upon all those responsible for the deaths of his clan. The Rahada Clan.

In order to give his people peace, he must do so through a ritual burial that must be done before time runs out, before the clans' Sacred Alishaerian tree perishes.

It's a journey that takes him on an endless quest to fulfill the void in which he may never fill...

He's homeless, a gypsy and bound to no one, he is Vi'gosh the Wanderer.

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