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Journey Through the Video Game World

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In February 2013, Ronald Charlton was laid off from his job at Pacific IT and Consulting in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Soon after, he decided to start playing video games, initially as a way to just let out some steam.  However, it is now August, and he has still not stopped playing.  He only seems to get off of the couch when he goes to eat, sleep, and work out.  This is now starting to affect the relationships he has with his parents, Monica and Harold, and his brother Mitch, and especially with his girlfriend, Dawna Langston.  Then, on a rainy day in August 2013, a major thunderstorm hits Calgary.  Ronald, who has been playing throughout the storm, is just about to hit a new high score on his video game when lightning strikes the console, causing an electrical current to travel down the wire to his controller, which then surrounds him, and transports hi to the video game world.  He soon finds out from the government of the video game world, commonly called The VGG, that he must physically play and complete a number of games in a certain order only known to them in order to get home.  Ronald, along with his guide Pixie, then embark on a journey to return Ronald home.  Will he make it back to the real world, or is Ronald doomed to stay in the video game world forever?

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