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Author's Compass

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The book Author's compass has detailed information that will take a fresher in writing from no clue to being a published author. The processes were simplified in a way that even an English second language learner will understand the guide then publish and order his book in less than 30 days.


Udunma Nnenna Ikoro, took time to illustrate every point and what to do in each segment while publishing on Amazon Kindle Self Publishing; how to get your book in paperback on Amazon and have it delivered to you in any part of the world where you live, other online bookstores to publish your book also.

In the book, she explained in detail all the marketing strategies to get your book out to the right target, earn big with your book, how to make sales and get speaking gigs with your book.

The exposition on self-publishing made in this book is really worth going for. you can't go wrong on publishing and becoming an Amazon bestseller with this book.

Get published and get fulfilled as an author with this book as your guide.

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